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add rockscluster fronend as GE exec_host

From time to time there are request from rocs’ user that want to add the rockscluster frontend as GridEngine exec_host. The basics step was outline in , but it is in complete. Add Frontend as execd-host in ROCKS Make sure … Continue reading

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Where is the latest Opensolaris?

Where is the new opensolaris release? There are rambling on the web on the future of opensolaris. There is talk of disbanding the opensolaris board. One things is clear that Oracle is in the business to make big money with … Continue reading

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Oracle buy Sun cheap, Linux vs Solaris

Oracle buy Sun cheap This morning (July 20) in hotel room reading the USAtoday, small Briefly: German business software maker SAP has extended its 5.8Billon offer for U.S. Database software make Sybase by 10 days as it waits clearance for … Continue reading

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ZFS recovery

ZFS is designed for single host file system, in a shared storage environment one can export zpool then import zpool to a different host, but by using -f (force) option one can easily import zpool into two hosts If one … Continue reading

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AAPM 2010

AAPM 2010 Every summer, I participate in AAPM as companion ,sometime I even has my name on the poster. This year We drove from NJ to Philadelphia in Saturday morning so she can work on some committee meeting She sign … Continue reading

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What U going to do which all these free time?

Friends ask me that what are U going to do with all these free time? Mother day everyday, make my wife, boss happy I will try to enjoy life my own way I can work overtime for free without asking … Continue reading

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Some observations and suggestions on Oracle Exadata V2

Exadata V2 after exadata V1 is the one of the first integrated Solution of Oracle and Sun. For some reason oracle keep the specific components of V2 in top secret. Beside some datasheet and some whitepaper the product documents are … Continue reading

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