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sun studio 12 installation experience

Recently I need to help a customer to test some code, and he is will to try it on Solaris After the Solaris 08/07 installed on the new servers, one need to install the latest Sun Studio 12 As usually … Continue reading

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CMT laptop/deskside

As Sun rolling out the next generation CMT server and opensparc chipset and Ldom It seems that it is also time for a deskside server or even a laptop Why? Many more developer/User can take advantage of this exciting new … Continue reading

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Fatherhood 2.0

I was reading this article in Time on fatherhood 2.0 Now my two sons are all grow up and realized that I am really a early adapter of the FH2.0. I met my wife as classmate in NTU and come … Continue reading

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Sun opensource

Sun is a long time opensource contributor Beside OpenSolaris, java, SGE, netbean and openoffice. the glassfish (AS) and openPortal (PS) are gaining momentum and there is commerical support version. The openDS and openESB will find their way into support version … Continue reading

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Solaris x86, Lustre and Rockcluster

Recent acquisition of lustre by sun just another piece of Solaris HPC strategy. Now Sun has Solaris LustreFS, QFS, pNFS Compiler OpenMPI, Cluster Tool SGE Rockcluster to support HPC in Solaris environment. Plus the HW Constellation System Maganum IB Switchs … Continue reading

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2U 4 Socket intel quad-core and AMD

Recently Sun anounced 2U 4 Socket system for Intel quad-core and indicate similar system for AMD dual-core and quad-core system is coming These system will be best system to run Solaris, linux, window and vmware ESX system A perfect systems … Continue reading

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Solaris x86, MATLAB , xVM and V12N, BrandZ

One of roadblock for Solaris x86 adoption in HPC field is lacking of the MATLAB port MATLAB is a widely used tool in computional and simulation Solaris 09/07 does add a new feature of brandZ that sill suport 32-bit redhat … Continue reading

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