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China HPC supercomputer to use China Own Chip

By this link all three HPC supercomputer from china will use “home grow” CPU by year end 即中科院支持的曙光系列、江南计算所的神威系列以及国防科技大学的银河系列 Chinese Academy of Sciences Jiangnan Institute of Computing Technology, the National Defense University  Tianhe-1A National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin) Nebulae National Supercomputing … Continue reading

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SW1600 and Alpha 21164

Very little on the detail design of SW1600 chip was make public but  various comments in the web and some history of the 江南计算所SW微处理器 indicate that SW has it original from the DEC alpha chip 21164 four-issues superscalar, two integer … Continue reading

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iCubecorp MVP Harmony Unified Processor Technology The Harmony Unified Processor Technology marks a milestone in the semiconductor industry by genuinely integrating two different processor types: a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit (GPU), into one unified core. This technology consists of the … Continue reading

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HPC top100 2011 china

china HPC top100 2011 English Translation of China HPC top100 2011

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SUNWAY BlueLight MPP 神威蓝光

nytime article on 10/29/2011 China Has Homemade SuperComputer Gain Installed in 09/2011 at NSC in Jinan, Shandong,China Petaflop, number 2 in top100 2011 in china, peak 1.07016 PFlops, Sustained 795.9 Pflops, linpack efficent 74.4% 8700 ShenWei SW1600 CPU, designed in … Continue reading

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oracle big data HW

oracle big data appliance HW 18 x4275M2 IB HCA IB switch could be two IB gateway switch for 10ge ge switch for management not sure about F20 flash card Sent from my iPad Hung-Sheng Tsao ( LaoTsao) Ph.D

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netapp 56pb lustre system

DOE pick netapp for 56PB and 1TB/sec lustre FS for LLNL for blue gene super computer sequoia Sent from my iPad Hung-Sheng Tsao ( LaoTsao) Ph.D

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Oracle LJE new announcement

Today  10/05 2011 at OOW LJE announce General available of all Oracle Fusion Application Oracle Public cloud for fusion apps and platform for db, data, java Oracke social network oracle social network  

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K computer

at OOW   the very interesting presentation on K computer   No 1 in What is in a name   how fast       some picture of node

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DBappliance images

this link has many pictures at OOW2011 I take some more pictures the back of server that has SAS and ge connector the backplane that hide all the cables cover has all the diagram with the server cover open for … Continue reading

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