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SCS2.2.1P2 and RHEL3U5 experience

SCS2.2.1P2 and RHEL3U5 experience Rencently customer use SCS2.2.1P2 and RHEL3U5 and encounter some issues, so I use vmware to recreate the environment and record some observation here To install SCS2.2.1 p2 you need to install P1 first then P2 To … Continue reading

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SCS customalization for rhel4

Sun Control Stataion (SCS) SCS can be used to deploy OS and SW packages for redhat, suse and solaris(sparc/x64) system. SCS’s server need to be linux server SCS is based on apache/tomcat4 and use perl5 and postgresql and java. As … Continue reading

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vmware/SCS2.2 experience

my experience on using vmware and JDS is very positive. The followings are some ovservations: when doing snapshot, make sure you have enough disk space, otherwise your guest OS will become not usable In SCS-2.2, I was able to setup … Continue reading

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SCS2.2 and vmware allstart demo

By using the vmware on my JDS latop I was able to set SCS2.2 29 build and demostrate a allstart of RHel3 install. Let me summarized what I did: create a guest OS using Redhat AS2.1u2 ,using host-only network, add … Continue reading

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