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HA-ldom agent

there were two docs: requirement and design on the opensolaris site interesting read on ha-ldom there was a code review on ha-ldom, interesting read also the official doc for ha-ldom for sc3.3u1 The HA for Logical Domains data service provides … Continue reading

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Changing Public DNS server for ROCKS 5.1

Every new version of Rockscluster has newer build in rocks cmd to make change of the information that store in the MySQL db. For older version one may need to direct interaction with the MySQL db: cluster and its tables … Continue reading

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open source SWATCH3.2.3

Recent  a project need to install the open source SWATCH-3.2.3 in S10u9 system SWATCH is base on perl gunzip swatch-3.2.3.tar.gz |tar xf – cd swatch-3.2.3 perl Makefile.PL it need Date::Calc Date::Format Date::ManIP File::Tail go to to down load, it … Continue reading

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Oracle changing download policy

It is  interesting that Oracle only provide new update through MOS Oracle VM for SPARC 2.1 (ldom 2.1) and patches for firmwares Oracle DB for linux All Sun Server’s Firmware all metalink notes Oracle DB upgrade companion Oracle VTS … Continue reading

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osc3.3u1 (5/11) release

what’s new on Jul 13,2011 Enhancements to the cluster check Command as a Cluster Validation Tool Fencing Support for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance as a NAS Device Support for Oracle ACFS as a Cluster File System Zone Cluster Support for … Continue reading

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ZFS, vxfs zone and osc tips

recently I was involved in a project that involve zone node, zfs and vxfs and oracle solaris cluster the following are some key observations 1st setup ssh keyless between two cluster servers install  osc3.3 on both server on node one  … Continue reading

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Oracle introduces Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack

Oracle today announced the Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack, a cost-effective way to add extreme performance storage servers to an Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack is ideal for storing massive amounts of structured and unstructured … Continue reading

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