Oracle buy Sun cheap, Linux vs Solaris

Oracle buy Sun cheap
This morning (July 20) in hotel room reading the USAtoday, small Briefly: German business software maker SAP has extended its 5.8Billon offer for U.S. Database software make Sybase by 10 days as it waits clearance for the deal by European regulators. The offer of $65 a share was extended to July 25 from July 16, SAP said.
Oracle only pay $5.6B for Sun that include Java, Solaris, MySql, servers, storage business.
Sybase revenue $1.17B net income $2.48/share in FY09 Sun revenue $13.1B net income $(-2.99)/share in FY09.
There is no question and everyone know that Oracle buy Sun cheap.

Oracle promise that Sun will contribute $1.5B in the FY11. A tale order.

As of of FY10, Oracle has revenue of $26.8B and net income of $9.1B.
It seems that HW business is under the shadow of the huge database(tech) and apps business,

In one equal oracle Tech/DB Business as main course and apps as salad, then HW business is just dressing of the salad

The integrated solution like exadata is

  1. Good for customer, can used the existing RAC licenses, take advantage of database aware storage and exadata HCC and pre-tested components, integrated at factory and customer site with cookie cutter approach and hopefully easy of management and support in day to day operations
  2. Good for HW reps, one part number that include DB machines and exadata storage, smart flash IB HBA and switch, ethernet switch and KMM and SunRackII
  3. Good for tech reps 11gR2 RAC license and all the up sale opps for ADG, GG etc
  4. Good for Service reps,every customer would want support from oracle
  5. Good for Support Consultant that everything was test together and set procedure for replacement

This type of happy meal approach will be one way for oracle to get 1.5B in FY11

Comments on Oracle Unbreakable Linux vs Solaris.

For many years Oracle was pushing oracle RAC and small 1U server and opensource version of Redhat Linux against bigger SMP server from Sun, IBM and HP etc.
Oracle also try to offer OUL and Oracle-VM free license and only charge support and even after support for Redhat license users’ business.
Everyone in Linux world know that the kernal of Linux is controlled by Linus Torvalds and Redhat is controlled by Redhat, Oracle can not modify any GPL source without release the source codes and Oracle cannot make sole decision on any Linux kernal enhancement.
Oracle has full control of the Solaris code for x86 and SPARC and Oracle can add any secret sauce to Solaris without release any code in opensource.

Of course with many years of pushing Linux and bashing against Sun, Oracle cannot just change course overnight. Time will tell how Solaris vs Linux will play out.


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