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After nearly two years, it’s time to say goodbye… As you might think, Oracle requested the immediate closure of this website and so it is… Please refer to My Oracle Support for Oracle Solaris support. If, by any means, you … Continue reading

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Sun Studio 12 U1

The latest production release includes improved binary application performance, full OpenMP 3.0 support, profiling of distributed MPI applications, unified application and system profiling using Solaris DTrace technology (DLight), a new standalone graphical debugger (dbxTool) and much more C/C++/Fortran 95 Compilers … Continue reading

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sun studio 12 installation experience

Recently I need to help a customer to test some code, and he is will to try it on Solaris After the Solaris 08/07 installed on the new servers, one need to install the latest Sun Studio 12 As usually … Continue reading

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what’s new in pathscale 2.0

pathscale EKO compiler version 2.0 has the following new features full EM64T support pathhow-compiled command to display compilation options and compiler version currently being used full OPENMP 2.0 in fortran with the option -mp include many Fortran intrinsics for g77 … Continue reading

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observations on pathscale and pgroup compiler

during the break I spend some time going through the docs for pathscale (1.4) and pgroup CDK compilers (5.2) The followings are my observations: EKO 1.4 EKO 1.4 doesnot support openmp (2.0 will support fortran openmp) EKO concentrate on opteron, … Continue reading

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mixing C library in Fortran

recently LK send me an query from customer about calling C library in Fortran question is the following We have a f90 code, which uses rand, irand, srand fnctions a lot. That code works fine on other platform, e.g., SP, … Continue reading

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use prism to debug the F95 program

use PRISM to debug F95 program A professor write to me about the problem using PRISM to debug the F95 program. problem He said it used to work but now the system had been upgraded from solaris 8 to solaris … Continue reading

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