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solaris 9 09/04

New features: UFS logging by default export/import diskset in SVM SVM for cluster to support oracle 9iRAC

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setup client with NFS server with multiple NIC

NFS server, Automount In a data intensive NFS environment, in order to get better NFS server performance, one approach is to use multiple NIC in the NFS server. We will configure clients only to mount on a specific NIC that … Continue reading

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Solaris Jumpstart using ufsdump and ufsrestore

Jumpstart Solaris Jumpstart is one popular method to install Solaris OS, It has evolued from just install individual Solaris pkg to install with Flash archive(flar). and from installed based oncdrom, NFS to http, ftp and from LAN to WAN. The … Continue reading

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HA-GRID: N1Grid Engine 6 Edition with Berkely DB spooling

N1GE6 introduce spooling with Berkely DB. There will be new issues to consider when we want to provide a HA N1GE6 services with Java ES CLuster service. Tightley couple case: HA-sge_qmaster agent In this case we install Berkely DB on … Continue reading

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Solaris 9 Tuning parameters change

Each version of Solaris Change some default parameters in Solaris kernel Those changes, should be documented in the release note, but AFAIK is not.. They are documented in the document  Solaris Tuunable Parameters Reference Manual Here let’s discuss few of … Continue reading

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Java_ES Direcory Server and Kerberos services

Active Directory (AD) offer LDAPV3 and use Kerberos to store the passwd. Java_ES DS storae passwd inside the LDAP DIT tree and if you want to use Kerbeors to store passwd then one need to write a  preop plugins to … Continue reading

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Solaris for AMD and intel chipsets

Solaris for AMD/Intel There is renew effort to push Solarsi on AMD/Intel chipset. The ma jor issue is, how to get ISV to port their apps to Solaris for AMD/Intel? One is like building a field of dream, you just … Continue reading

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