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if you access any site you will find the big red banner ATTENTION: This website and all services within the domain will be unavailable after March 24, 2013. It seems that it may also impact some email list … Continue reading

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Oracle Solaris 11 Express V12N pre-build vbox VM

one of the interesting new feature of Oracle Solaris 11 Express is the Network V12n this is based on the crossbow project, as the design and arch docs there are many presentation, blogs and workshop that were based on OpenSolaris … Continue reading

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SPARC Supercluster and TPC-C result Observation:

In the  FAQ of the SPARC Supercluster: How do the world record TPC-C results relate to this new solution? The new SPARC Supercluster configurations are based on the architecture and technologies used in the new TPC-C world record result. The … Continue reading

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Solaris 11 Kool-aid

JF provide some good cool-aid for Solaris Kool-aid during the recent SunRise webcast:

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Where is the latest Opensolaris?

Where is the new opensolaris release? There are rambling on the web on the future of opensolaris. There is talk of disbanding the opensolaris board. One things is clear that Oracle is in the business to make big money with … Continue reading

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OpenSolaris Developer Preview on USB

OpenSolaris Developer Preview I download the ISO and burn to a few CDs just in time for annual event on Nov 01 I demonstrated the preview to few customer and even give out one of the CD to SE … Continue reading

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Campus Ambassador Yale University, Columbia, Rutgers, univ of penn, Harvard, MIT

Yale: Rutgers: UnivPenn: Columbia Univ: ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Sun University Campus Ambassador is charged with driving adoption of Sun’s platforms (OpenSolaris and Java) and developer tools among Academic Developers (students, faculty and researchers) at Yale University. … Continue reading

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