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T3 chip and T3-server arch

this link has some interesting info on T3 chip and T3-server arch for these interesting in how many  PCI switch and mapping of PCI slots to CPU modules etc T3-chip   Blocklevel T3     T3-1 Server T3-2 Server T3-4 … Continue reading

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Some news on T4 hotcip@23. more Inside T4 SPARC T4 is an eight-core processor @3Ghz+ 40nm by TSMC uses a brand-new core called the S3, which runs at much higher clock rate frequency than the previous SPARC T-Series processors The SPARC … Continue reading

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Oracle Solaris 11 EOF Notices

Oracle put out End of features Notices key points 32-bit Kernel Support for the 32–bit only x86 hardware has been removed. Support for running 32-bit applications and libraries will continue. End of Support for Legacy Hardware Support for legacy systems … Continue reading

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