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Intel E5-4600, E5-2400, E3-1200 v2

Intel announce new Xeon chip  E5-4600, E5-2400 and E3-1200V2 to join E5-2600 E5-4600 support  four-socket server 4, 6, 8 core/socket, <=32 core/system 4 memory channels , 48 DIMMS , <=1.5TB 40 channel PCIe3 256 bit AVX ,TXT 95-130W E5-2400 support … Continue reading

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NVidia Kepler GK110

Nvidia announce Tesla GPU build on Kepler Architecture   15 SMX units 6 64-bit memory controller TSMC 28nm 192 cuda-cor SP (K10) and 64 cuda-core DP (K20) 1 Tflops DP SMX Streaming Multiprocessor — 3X  performance per watt than the … Continue reading

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Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2 Released

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2, the latest release of Oracle’s enterprise-class server virtualization solution, is now available. The new release delivers significant enhancements that improve workload agility and performance, maximize the availability of business-critical applications, and increase flexibility in … Continue reading

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龙芯系列 宝德自强PR2920L服务器横空出世

this link provide some info on Powerleader PR2920L Loongson 3A based servers

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Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B News

this link discuss the Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B and Fedora13 Loongson edition   Loongson series product configuration: Loongson 3A (quad-core CPU): 65nm process,  four 1GHz, GS464 processor core clocked at 1GHz, consumes less than 15W, 4MB shared L2 cache … Continue reading

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