win10 upgrade

recently,  my win7 laptop seems to need some update but missing the update in control panel, after many attempt to recovery but not successful, I decided to try win10

It is presently surprise that the whole process is quite smooth

since I belong to Microsoft insider community, so I regular get the announcement on w10 but I can not use window update, so I click the media-based upgrade to

Microsoft Software Download site download

MediaCreation Toolx64.exe

I just run it, after awhile it come back with questions to remove

1 recovery and update

2 McAfee security

I agree to remove both

It start to download the w10, take time, then ask to install and I agree

after some time, system reboot and I sign in with Microsoft account

every thing seems to work

e.g. Thunderbird mail, Google chrome, office 2007 etc

In the first night the display font seems big, by the 2nd night it become more reasonable , may be after new update

One thing I like  is the new iclound photo stream, now I can see what ipad can see

the following link is on Pravacy

privacy how to stop win 10 Preying eye

The following link to add Insider hub back

add insider hub

One can use the same process to add some more language input methods

e.g. Chinese hand writing, voice input etc

Change default browser to something other than edge e.g chrome

edge to chrome

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