add rockscluster fronend as GE exec_host

From time to time there are request from rocs’ user that want to add the rockscluster frontend as GridEngine exec_host.

The basics step was outline in , but it is in complete.
Add Frontend as execd-host in ROCKS

Make sure SGE_ROOT etc are set.
To Check:
env |grep SGE
one should see some things like
If not please source the file /etc/profile.d/sge-binaries.[c]sh

cd /opt/gridengine
accept all default
The frontend will be configured as slot ‘[.local=1]’ in all.q
To modifiy the slot for .local from slot 1 to 4 do the following
qconf -mattr queue slot ‘[.local=4]’ all.q

Since there are two NIC in the frontend, eth0 and eth1 per this link
and this threads

  1. one need to create host_aliases under $SGE_ROOT/default/common directory[frontend].local [frontend]
  2. Edit /opt/gridengine/default/common/act_qmaster to be [frontend].local
  3. comment out the line in /etc/init.d/sgemaster.
    /bin/hostname –fqdn > /opt/gridengine/default/common/act_qmaster

restart sge_qmaster and sge_execd in the frontend and also execd in all compute nodes


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