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NH-2 build by NUDT and inspur IN searching for some more info on two web site, not too much detail are published some interesting info on inspur software TSMM TSMM, the cluster monitor and management software, will manage cluster system … Continue reading

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China new Tianhe-2

This link provide some info on china new Tianhe-2 Supercomputer detail report  by Dongarra Chinese content  was reported by by insideHPC Compute Node           Frontend processors (not  part of the system)           … Continue reading

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Oracle ECI announcement

Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure for x86 and SPARC SPARC: Single-vendor solutions, HW and SW and from Apps to Disk extensive testing at Oracle, pretested, preoptimized, validated configuration a stable configuration Deployed in two days General purpose, flexable … Continue reading

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Oracle Platinum Services

Oracle announce the Platinum Services Providing the highest level of service in the industry, Oracle Platinum Services offer: 5 minute severity 1 issue  Response 15 minute restoration or escalation to development 30 minute joint debugging A 24×7 escalation process and … Continue reading

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Oracle Cloud Strategy

Oracle Cloud Strategy   introduced Oracle Cloud Social Services, a broad Enterprise Social Platform offering. Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle. Offering a wide range of business applications and and … Continue reading

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SUSE Linux day

Linux Days@NYC 6/5/2012 Some  Infos: SUSE A BU in attachments Portfolio   Platform Lifecycle SUSE EL 11SP2 why btrfs btrfs limitation in 11SP2 btrfs will be the defaultfs in SUSE12 lxc Linux Container SUSE cloud 20 years of SUSE

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龙芯系列 宝德自强PR2920L服务器横空出世

this link provide some info on Powerleader PR2920L Loongson 3A based servers

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