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Oracle Platinum Services

Oracle announce the Platinum Services Providing the highest level of service in the industry, Oracle Platinum Services offer: 5 minute severity 1 issue  Response 15 minute restoration or escalation to development 30 minute joint debugging A 24×7 escalation process and … Continue reading

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Oracle Cloud Strategy

Oracle Cloud Strategy   introduced Oracle Cloud Social Services, a broad Enterprise Social Platform offering. Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle. Offering a wide range of business applications and and … Continue reading

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Sun ZFS Backup Appliance for Engineered System

Oracle Unveiles SUN ZFS Backup Appliance for Oracle Engineered System Follow through the vision to integrate more Sun products with the Engineered System   Oracle today announced the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance, an integrated, high performance backup solution for Oracle … Continue reading

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Today 9/26/2011 announce the T4 SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 server 4x3Ghz 8Core and 1TB RAM FAQ, DS, arch-WP5U ZFS appliance 7320-C 6U exadata Storage Cell x2-2 2U IB switch DC-36 1U S11 11/11 or S10 8/11, S10 09/10 with 8/11 Patch … Continue reading

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S10 to S11 upgrade path

Oracle OpenWorld is fast approaching and now both exadata and exalogic support Solaris so questions: how customer can upgrade from s10 to s11? nice blog by jeff savit ISV guide WP Solaris for SA As of today 9/8/2011 one cannot … Continue reading

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Solaris 11 for exadata

on Aug 11, 2011 Oracle announce that Oracle Solaris 11 Express Available on Oracle Exadata Database Machines Oracle Exadata Running Oracle Solaris Delivers Powerful Combination The combination of Oracle Exadata running Oracle Solaris offers customers: Continuous uptime with Oracle Solaris … Continue reading

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OEM 11.1g

one of most important management and monitoring tool is Oracle Enterprise Manager 11 as of today (6/15/2011) the server does not yet support on Solaris on x86, it does run on S9 and S10 on SPARC the HW  plug-in for … Continue reading

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exalogic roadmap

recently I  find this exalogic roadmap on the web Some observations: V1.1 is very interesting and it will support OEL VM and Solaris Containers it seems that it will not support OVM-SPARC it will support JRockit Virtual Edition One can … Continue reading

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More observations on exalogic

OEM and OEM-OC are recommended but not required for exalogic. IMHO, both  should be required, but oracle will need to speed up the functionalities and integration of: provision, backup, recover/replacement of HW, SW, OS, weblogic, coherence etc monitor, management of … Continue reading

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EL X2-2 vs SMP servers

recent push by Oracle on exalogic elastic could will renew the comparison with rack of 2 socket server with IB and SMP server or rack of fater nodes e.g. 8 socket or 4 socket with IB. Just by reading the … Continue reading

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