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T4-2 server vs T4-4 (2 socket) server

server T4-2 T4-4 (2 socket) H 3U 5U HBA PCIe2 (10) PCIE2-EM(16) HDD 6 8 1 ge 4 4 DIMM 32(Max 1TB) 32(Max 1TB) LDOM 128 128 PCIe root complex 2 2 max root Domain with hdd + NIC 1 … Continue reading

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SPARC T5 news

Hotchip 2012  Oracle will  talk about T5 16-core SPARC T5 CMT Processor with glueless 1-hop scaling to 8-socketsSebastian Turullols, Ram Sivaramakrishnan Other news T5 is 28nm CMT, 16 core and each with 8 threads Support upto 8 sockets gluelessm1-hop  server … Continue reading

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T4 chip and T4 Servers part2

Now Oracle provide more detail about T4 chip and T4 servers OOO exec Dual Instr issues Data/Instr Prefetch 16KBI$ 16KB D$ 128KB L2$ 4MB L3$ 2.85/3Ghz 40 nm 8 thread/core, 8 core/processor, 64 thread/processor, HV I FRU mult/add /core, 8 … Continue reading

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SPARC SuperCluster T4

Today 9/26/2011 announce the T4 SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 server 4x3Ghz 8Core and 1TB RAM FAQ, DS, arch-WP5U ZFS appliance 7320-C 6U exadata Storage Cell x2-2 2U IB switch DC-36 1U S11 11/11 or S10 8/11, S10 09/10 with 8/11 Patch … Continue reading

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T3 chip and T3-server arch

this link has some interesting info on T3 chip and T3-server arch for these interesting in how many  PCI switch and mapping of PCI slots to CPU modules etc T3-chip   Blocklevel T3     T3-1 Server T3-2 Server T3-4 … Continue reading

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VM for SPARC (Ldom) Migration

Ha-Ldom is supported in OSC and latest version is osc 3.3 seems that key lines:1)vdisk need to be on share storage (pxfs in osc) 2)Configure Logical Domains to Reset for Control Domain Failures ldm set-domain failure-policy=reset primary3)there are … Continue reading

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Sunrise from Oracle@Dec 2 2010

today Oracle announcement the Sunrise event new 30M tpc-c based on T3-4 and F5100 and x4270M2 gold standard configuration and support (exadata, exalogic , and SPARC supercluster) exalogic cloud  SPARC base on 3 chassis of T3-1B SPARC supercluster of 2 … Continue reading

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