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China’s Super Computer WJS

The   WJS article  By Bob Davis with title “China’s Not-So-Supr Computers” Key Points: Nebulae  星雲 National Supercomputing Center (Shenzhen) in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Use of SC is determine by local politicians not the breakthrough technology SW development project is … Continue reading

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rocks+6 , MPI, OFED and SGE test drive

StackIQ release rock+ 6 and it contain very interesting rollsfor 16 node rocks+ is free rocks+ 6.0.1 Complete Stack Click the below link to register and download Rocks+ as a complete bootable Big Infrastructure stack (free for up to 16-nodes). … Continue reading

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co-existence of vxvm with ZFS

This is interesting link that talk about co-existence of vxvm  with ZFS To reuse a ZFS disk as a VxVM disk Remove the disk from the zpool, or destroy the zpool. See the Oracle documentation for details. Clear the signature … Continue reading

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oracle Ldom license

this link detail the oracle license   and v12n key points solaris zone with capped cpu Ldom (VM for SPARC)  with full core OVM with hard partitioning from ldom 2.1 one can assign full core and memory block to ldom … Continue reading

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