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T4 chip and T4 Servers part2

Now Oracle provide more detail about T4 chip and T4 servers OOO exec Dual Instr issues Data/Instr Prefetch 16KBI$ 16KB D$ 128KB L2$ 4MB L3$ 2.85/3Ghz 40 nm 8 thread/core, 8 core/processor, 64 thread/processor, HV I FRU mult/add /core, 8 … Continue reading

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SPARC SuperCluster T4

Today 9/26/2011 announce the T4 SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 server 4x3Ghz 8Core and 1TB RAM FAQ, DS, arch-WP5U ZFS appliance 7320-C 6U exadata Storage Cell x2-2 2U IB switch DC-36 1U S11 11/11 or S10 8/11, S10 09/10 with 8/11 Patch … Continue reading

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OEM 11.1g

one of most important management and monitoring tool is Oracle Enterprise Manager 11 as of today (6/15/2011) the server does not yet support on Solaris on x86, it does run on S9 and S10 on SPARC the HW  plug-in for … Continue reading

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New Life of OGE

This link Oracle Grid Engine: Key Capabilities and Product Road Map talk about possible future roadmap of OGE. Things change Univa rescues GE and announcement,  this is just another fork of gridengine Oracle  will continue working on the next release … Continue reading

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More observations on exalogic

OEM and OEM-OC are recommended but not required for exalogic. IMHO, both  should be required, but oracle will need to speed up the functionalities and integration of: provision, backup, recover/replacement of HW, SW, OS, weblogic, coherence etc monitor, management of … Continue reading

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Some observation of IB Fabric@exalogic

Oracle release the exalogic system (EL x2-2)  on the web, quick read and some observations on the IB Fabric (some may be in complete or in correct): This is a very complex system involved many new features, e.g. IB gateway … Continue reading

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