navigate oracle/sun x86 new intel server maze

Recently oracle made big bang announcement of the intel based x86 servers
this blog try to help end user navigate the x86 maze
the main site point to all New servers.

x86 Intel Xeon Rackmount

x86 Intel Xeon Blade

Use x4470 as an example
U will see

power calculator
Buy it
Technical Information
Brochures and Data Sheets
White papers

power calculator U will find out which CPU and size of DIMM that server will support

  1. 2.26Ghz 130W 8c
  2. 2Ghz 130W 8c
  3. 1.86Ghz 105W 6c

8GB 4GB DIMM U need to be expert to know which intel CPU that x4470 support

Buy it is very important if U want to know which CPU , size of DIMM and size and type of DISKS that x4470 support

  1. 2 x 6-Core Intel Xeon E7530 (1.86 GHz, 105W) Processor with 12 MB Cache
  2. 2 x 8-Core Intel Xeon X7550 (2.00 GHz, 130W) Processor with 18 MB Cache
  3. 2 x 8-Core Intel Xeon X7560 (2.26 GHz, 130W) Processor with 24 MB Cache

Technical Information (recent added) point to U which version of OS and IO HBA and external storage are supported
Data Sheets are not very useful , it do share which OS will support but doesnot say which version and does say which CPU and size of DIMM and which disks that this server will support
White Papers are very useful information on the internal arch of the server

The following just list the CPU one can get from Buy it

x4800 from buy it

  1. 6-Core Intel Xeon Model E7540 Processor
  2. 8-Core Intel Xeon Model X7550 Processor
  3. 8-Core Intel Xeon Model X7550 Processor

x4800 from power calculator

  1. E7540 2Ghz 105W
  2. X7550 2Ghz 130W
  3. X7560 2.27Ghz 130W

8,4,2GB DIMM

X4170M2 from Power calculator

  1. 2.93Ghz 95W 6c
  2. 2.4Ghz 80W 4c
  3. 2.26Ghz 60W 6c


x4170M2 from Buy it

  1. 1 x 4-Core Intel Xeon E5620 (2.40 GHz, 80W) Processor with 12 MB Cache
  2. 1 x 6-Core Intel Xeon L5640 (2.40 GHz, 60W) Processor with 12 MB Cache
  3. 1 x 6-Core Intel Xeon X5670 (2.93 GHz, 95W) Processor with 12 MB Cache

x4270M2 from Power Calculator

  1. 3.3Ghz 130W 6c
  2. 2.93Ghz 95W 6c
  3. 2.4Ghz 80W 4c

X4270 M2 buy it

  1. E5620, 4c,  2.4Ghz,  80W , 12MB E$
  2. X5670, 6c, 2.93 Ghz, 95W, 12MB E$
  3. X5680, 6c, 3.33 Ghz, 95W, 12MB E$

x2270M2 from PC

  1. x5670 2.93Ghz 6c
  2. x5660 2.8Ghz 6c
  3. E5820 2.4ghz 4c


x2270M2 from Buy it

  1. Intel Xeon E5620 (Quad-Core, 2.40 GHz, 80W) Processor
  2. Intel Xeon X5660 (6-Core, 2.80 GHz, 80W) Processor
  3. Intel Xeon X5670 (6-Core, 2.93 GHz, 95W) Processor

As U can see there is really no consistence in various servers and for some reason U need to click the buy it to find out the type of CPU after all these datasheet and which papers and tech info.

Things change all the time, in this blogs I only use the public available info and not use any information that were only available oracle internal.

My intent to help the oracle customer and hopefully  oracle web site will be improved (weeks ago the technical info‘s link was not link in the main site)

IMHO, which intel CPU are supported by which server are one of the most important info of a server


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