What U going to do which all these free time?

Friends ask me that what are U going to do with all these free time?

  • Mother day everyday, make my wife, boss happy
  • I will try to enjoy life my own way
  • I can work overtime for free without asking for permission
  • I will start new blog again without asking for permission
  • I have some ideas on some opensource projects e.g. make gridengine highly available in linux, make hadoop highly available etc
  • If the opportunity of consulting work that can use my knowledge, old or new, I will work with my pace to help.
  • I will answer question from old friends and customer with new email: laotsao@gmail.com.

Brief comments on the LaoTsao. 老曹

My family name : TSAO,

translation used by people from Taiwan, ROC, it is CAO in China, POC.

Hung , , is my general name, all my sister and brother use the same middle name “hung” means great,

Sheng, 生, is my given name, means student.

So My name means “great student

I do sometime use “alex” that is short for Alexander that my sister suggest to me when I need a English name for high school English class.

Old way in China, working friend just address each other with family name, one add “lao”, or “xiao”, depend on person’s age.

“lao” means old, since I am older than most people that I work with so I use LaoTsao in my blog and also use LaoTsao in my new email

The proper way is use “LaoTsao老曹 together.


About laotsao 老曹

HopBit GridComputing LLC Rockscluster Gridengine Solaris Zone, Solaris Cluster, OVM SPARC/Ldom Exadata, SPARC SuperCluster
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