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top three china HPC systm in china hpc top100 and topc500 2011

the Top three sites  from china hpc top100 2011 and top500 2011 Tianhe-1A:天河一号 top500 (2nd) NUDT YH MPP, 7168 x2 xeon x5670 6C 2.93Ghz, 7168 NIVIDIA M2050 Total core= 7168x(2×6+14)=186368 (agree with top500 list) Rpeak=7168x(2x6x2.93×4+14x32x1.15)=4701061 (top500=4701000) top100(1st) NUDT YH MPP, … Continue reading

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china hpc in top500 2011

some observations on the recent top500 2011 list from china 74 entry in top500 most are xeon cpu, some amd and shenwei sw1600 FT-1000 is list in china top100 but not in top500 there is no GODSON, loongson cpu IMHO, … Continue reading

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Oracle Solaris 11 launch

Today Oracle announce the Solaris 11 ,1st Cloud OSIt could/should also take the name Solaris 12cpress release highlight some keep featuresthe download page for s11 (11/11/2011)Oracle Solaris 11 page that include how to and whitpaperSolaris 11 documents One can watch … Continue reading

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China Own CPU Chips

as of Today there are at least three china CPU chips Loongson 龙芯 (Godson) MIPS-compatible with HW based x86 emulation ··························· developer Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) ··························· BLX IC Design Corporation ··························· STMicroelectronics fabricates … Continue reading

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K-computer >10petaflops

Fujitsu’s “K-compuer” has passwd 10 petaflopsit is based on SPARC64 VIIfx CPU/8C, 128 peak gigaflops@2GHz@150W

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OOW 2011 This is my first OOW, my impression OOW is Big Not eay to find the meeting room for session The key node sessions by LJE , TK and JF are great LJE’s demo in Cloud session is very … Continue reading

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Dennis Ritchie, Trailblazer in Digital Era, Dies at 70 He was the principal designer of the C programming language and co-developer of the Unix operating system, working closely with Ken Thompson, The Unix operating system has similarly had a … Continue reading

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HPC china 2011 on demand presentation 2011年全国高性能计算学术年会

this links contain most presentations @HPC china 2011 2011年全国高性能计算学术年会(HPC China 2011)

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China HPC own road

this link summarize a talk by 陈左宁 title 大会报告2–《中国HPC的自主之路》 陈左宁 院士 google translation Conference Report 2 – “China’s own road to HPC” left Ningyuan Shi Chen Chen left China Academy of Engineering, HPC meeting keynotes rather 作者: | 出处: … Continue reading

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