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Oracle vs Sun SPARC roadmap

This is a leak Sun SPARC roadmap on 2009 this is the update Oracle SPARC roadmap 2010 T-series 1-4 Socket T3 server is Rainbow Falls based system, 16 core and 8 thread/core 2011 3x Single Thread T-series 1-4 Socket T … Continue reading

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Some Observations on Oracle’s Practice

Oracle is very open and also very close company: Oracle publish all the docs and SW on DB and apps and allow Anyone to try out the DB and apps SW. Oracle publish all price and support cost for DB … Continue reading

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John Fowler@Sept 29 NYC

John Fowler presentation Jokily announce “Oracle tablet” there will be SPARC  version of exadata Solaris 11 express will target x64 and exalogic and exadata x2, due Q4 2010 Solaris 11 for SPARC and x64 target H2 2011 recent upgrade of … Continue reading

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IAS 80 Anniversay Celebrations

Sept 24-25 My wife and I attended the  School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Celebrations Been away from IAS for 35 years, it is good to visit the IAS again (we did visit 5 years ago) Many talks we will … Continue reading

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IDF Fall 2010 announcement (server)

Few interesting  announcements: Westmere-EX: 10 core, double the memory, 4 socket server can support 2TB with 32GB DIMM Sandy bridge: integrated graphics, AVX , integrated PCI, double the Flops, EP model will have 8 cores and EX module will have … Continue reading

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Microsoft HPC announcement

Oracle  announce the exit of the HPC market in recent Q1  webcast by LJE. MSFT recent announce new offering in HPC HPC window 2008 Server Suite Accelerating Excel 2010 Performance Support for Workstation Nodes HPC Application Development End-to-End Systems Management … Continue reading

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Oracle new T3 Processor, T3 server and blade

Interesting fact on T3 Processor Drop the Sun Brand Up to 16 SPARC V9 cores Frequency: 1.65 GHz 6 MB L2E$ 40nm process technology Up to 128 threads per CPU PCI-E gen 2 core multiplier=0.25 T3 Server (arch WP) New … Continue reading

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