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Myrinet vs Infiniband

A few comment on myrinet vs Infiniband Myrinet Infiniband HCA port 1/2 2 connect type Fibre copper max switch ports 128/256(soon) 288 speed 2gbps 8gbps local memory 2/4 MB 128/256MB The dual ports in HCA can be used to construct … Continue reading

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MPI over Infiniband

There are many implementations of MPI over Infiniband, from google search, one find: MVAPICH(MPI-1 over VAPI for InfiniBand): This is an MPI-1 implementation. It is on Verbs Level Interface (VAPI), developed by Mellanox Technologies . The implementation is based on … Continue reading

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Infiniband in Solaris 10

Solaris 10 introduce support for Infiniband devices System Adminstration Guide: Devices and File Ssytem Chapter 9 Using Infiniband Devices Overview of Infiniband Devices Dynamically Reconfiguration IB Devices With cfgadm Using the uDAPL Application Interface With Infiniband Devices Solaris include tavor … Continue reading

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parallel FS for HPTC cluster

In a HPC cluster, one need parallel FS for the compute node to access the data This weblog will try to summary the different parallel FS existing today. NFS: most universal parallel FS under IP , NFSv4 has many new … Continue reading

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The ARCO feature in N1GE6 require a database to store the data. Right now one can use postgresql or oracle. In case one may want to protect the database server in Solaris env, one could use the HA-oracle agent to … Continue reading

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Infiniband Switches

Recently, to replay some RFP, I have to investage offers from many different vendors. I summarize my finding in this weblog: Mellanox: InfiniScale II MT43132 chip, 8 4x ports, 240 Gbps ,foundation for many IB switches InfiniScale III MT47396 chip, … Continue reading

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Install N1Grid Engine 6 and compile postgresql on Sparc

To use the ARCO feature of N1ge6, one will need some database to store the data. At this point in time n1ge6 support postgresql and oracle. To use postgresql on SPARC system , one will need to download the source … Continue reading

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