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T5, M5, M10 Server Announcement

March 26 2013 The Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, 1/13 Platform Specific Enhancement with support for SPARC M5, SPARC T5 and Fujitsu M10 systems is available for customers with a support contract on My Oracle Support. Search for Article ID … Continue reading

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M10 servers

this link and many other has info on the new SPARC M10 server this site has English translation, since these servers has Oracle logo so we ASSUME that oracle will  sale M10 One interesting feature: it will support Ldom in … Continue reading

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hotchip24 presentation detail FJ SPARC X features we just list some key pages   Observations: 16 core@ 3GHz There is no indication that Oracle will use this chip Memory controller on chip IO on chip with PCIe3 glueless to multi … Continue reading

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Fujitsu/LSI 16 core SPARC64-IXfx

The register detail the new FJ SPARC64-IXfx chip and PrimeHPC FX10and cpu-world  provide some detail SPARC64-IXfx 16 core each core :  32KB L1 D$, 32KB L1 I$ two INT IU two address calculaion unit, four FP unit FMA  allow fat … Continue reading

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K-computer >10petaflops

Fujitsu’s “K-compuer” has passwd 10 petaflopsit is based on SPARC64 VIIfx CPU/8C, 128 peak gigaflops@2GHz@150W

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