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certificate renew in SGE 5.3

a question on certificate renew in SGE 5.3 After some investigation, the followings are some observations one can use inst_sge -m -csp to install the master server that will use the openssl certificate By default the certificate is valid for … Continue reading

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what’s new in pathscale 2.0

pathscale EKO compiler version 2.0 has the following new features full EM64T support pathhow-compiled command to display compilation options and compiler version currently being used full OPENMP 2.0 in fortran with the option -mp include many Fortran intrinsics for g77 … Continue reading

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observations on pathscale and pgroup compiler

during the break I spend some time going through the docs for pathscale (1.4) and pgroup CDK compilers (5.2) The followings are my observations: EKO 1.4 EKO 1.4 doesnot support openmp (2.0 will support fortran openmp) EKO concentrate on opteron, … Continue reading

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