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SuperMUC by IBM @Germany

Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) announce the SuperMUC by IBM due 2012: 3 petaflop iDataPlex System X platform >=14000 xeon, Sandy Bridge, 8 core FDR (fourteen Data Rate IB IBM Aquasar water cooling attached directly to the processor … Continue reading

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SPARC Supercluster and TPC-C result Observation:

In the  FAQ of the SPARC Supercluster: How do the world record TPC-C results relate to this new solution? The new SPARC Supercluster configurations are based on the architecture and technologies used in the new TPC-C world record result. The … Continue reading

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Oracle Enterprise Linux porting to SPARC

this link CEO Larry Ellison made the disclosure in response to a question about Oracle’s Linux strategy at the company’s Sparc systems launch last Thursday “We think Sparc will become clearly the best chip for running Oracle software. At that … Continue reading

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Solaris 11 Kool-aid

JF provide some good cool-aid for Solaris Kool-aid during the recent SunRise webcast:

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Sunrise from Oracle@Dec 2 2010

today Oracle announcement the Sunrise event new 30M tpc-c based on T3-4 and F5100 and x4270M2 gold standard configuration and support (exadata, exalogic , and SPARC supercluster) exalogic cloud  SPARC base on 3 chassis of T3-1B SPARC supercluster of 2 … Continue reading

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