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mixing C library in Fortran

recently LK send me an query from customer about calling C library in Fortran question is the following We have a f90 code, which uses rand, irand, srand fnctions a lot. That code works fine on other platform, e.g., SP, … Continue reading

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PowerPC 970 vs Opteron

IBM’s JS20 blade server is a high density PowerPC 970 2P server 14 in a chassis share FD and CDROM share other modules, SAN, IB, Gigabit 2 DIMM slots and need to use 2 slots, need 2GB DIMM for 4GB … Continue reading

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n1ge6 installation in Fedore core 2

I need to do a worksop at customer site that is using FC2, I need to install N1GE6 in FC2. The following is my experience. I install FC2 in desktop env Since FC2 is using kernel 2.6, inst_sge -m fails … Continue reading

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active active Java_ES messaging server in a cluster environment

In setting up a Highly Available Java_ES messaging server environment, one would like to have active active environment. This setup is fully supported in Java_ES 2004Q2. One can setup 1+1 or N+1 environment. For this to work one will setup … Continue reading

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solaris 10/x86 fdisk id change

Ever since linux uses the same fdisk id 105(0x82)for linux swap and solaris partition, one always has to work around those issues in dual or triple boot environment. The lastest solaris 10 build(>=72) change the id to 191(0xbf) so giveway … Continue reading

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