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rocks-openmpi and gridengine in 5.4.3

it is well know that rocks-openmpi come with hpc roll in rocksclusters (5.4.3 current) did not compiled with-sge.e.g. /opt/openmpi/bin/ompi_info|grep gridengine return nothing (this bugs was fix by rocks’s developer the new rpm is here ) As an experiment, I download … Continue reading

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Oracle Big Data Appliance and Cloudera Manager

ON Jan 10 2012  Oracle announce the availability of Oracle Big Data Appliancethat will include Clouders’s Dstribution of Apache Hadoop and Clouder Manager Oracle Big Data Appliance is an engineered system of hardware and software that incorporates Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache … Continue reading

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Intel E5-2600 tech info

there are many post talk about the Intel E5-2600 based on a  Intel Inside Data Center conference presentation at china 2011 11/10-13 download  the interest one is This is very interesting presentation conference  title  presentation title diversity of server  workload … Continue reading

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change mirrored rpool into rpool and dpool

there were discussion on change the mirrored rpool to two zpool: rpool and dpoolon the ZFS  troubleshoot guide list some methods based on snap this blog present another simple method that is based on live upgrade (tested on s10u10)problem: two … Continue reading

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