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Gridengine updates

There are many different development of gridengine after the end of opensource gridengine open grid scheduler project The Open Grid Scheduler (or simply: Grid Scheduler) is a free and open-source batch-queuing system for distributed resource management. It is based on … Continue reading

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where are the old and new sun gridegine documents

Now the does not exist any more so where are the old docs goes? Oracle actually did keep these old docs around, one just need to find them, this post just provides some links for these old docs for … Continue reading

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How do you upgrade SGE in Rockscluster?

The r5.4 come with sge6.2u5 , the last version of opensource gridengine  that has some new features Enhanced Inspect Multiple AMI support for SDM EC2 Cloud Service Adapter Support for Machine Readable Table Output in SDM Slotwise Preemption Job to … Continue reading

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New Life of OGE

This link Oracle Grid Engine: Key Capabilities and Product Road Map talk about possible future roadmap of OGE. Things change Univa rescues GE and announcement,  this is just another fork of gridengine Oracle  will continue working on the next release … Continue reading

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Gridengine opensource ended

Oracle shutdown the opensource gridengine site as of Jan 1st 2011 the mailist also ended there will be forum at OTN to Q&A on Oracle gridengine    

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OGE transition to tech reps

recently oracle transition the OGE (oracle Gridengine) from system to Tech reps since tech reps can provide bigger discount, especial to Edu account, so it seems that OGE may get better discount.  

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Future of the opensource gridengine

Future of opensource gridengine Ever since GE6.2u3 there were two version of gridengine binary: opensource courtesy version and version that support by Sun now oracle. The source of 6.2u3 still available. The commerical version has some features like new … Continue reading

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