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SCS2.2 and vmware allstart demo

By using the vmware on my JDS latop I was able to set SCS2.2 29 build and demostrate a allstart of RHel3 install. Let me summarized what I did: create a guest OS using Redhat AS2.1u2 ,using host-only network, add … Continue reading

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JDS and solaris 10 and vmware

Evey since I got a new latop with JDS installed I always want to re-partition the JDS disk and install s10 on the 2nd partition. I try and install the s10 but it does not recognized the NIC, so I … Continue reading

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internet2 and SUN agreement to use EduSoft SW

Internet2 and SUN recently signed an 20 years agreement for Internet2 school to use EduSoft. main announcements link: I2 Sun Summary of the agreement: cost is $50k ($35k for smaller school)for first year, $15K can be used for CS service. … Continue reading

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