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top500 2016/11

Recent top500 list has some interesting results and statiscs All details are on the top500 site . top10 China has top 2 and USA has 5 (3,4,6,9,10) , Japan has 2 (6,7) Switzerland 1(8) Rmax TFlop/s): China (127K), USA (66K), Japan … Continue reading

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top500 list 2016/11 Continents System Share

Asia Domainte List Count System Share (%) Rmax (GFlops) Rpeak (GFlops) Cores Nov 2016 213 42.6 297,417,712 497,522,957 26,203,188 Jun 2016 219 43.8 271,881,242 444,843,621 25,524,636 Nov 2015 174 34.8 149,293,886 269,150,905 13,468,596 Jun 2015 108 21.6 101,511,366 154,400,473 8,873,170 … Continue reading

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NH-2 build by NUDT and inspur IN searching for some more info on two web site, not too much detail are published some interesting info on inspur software TSMM TSMM, the cluster monitor and management software, will manage cluster system … Continue reading

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TOP500@June 18 2012

  Some observations on Top10: IBM BlueGene 16C 1.60 Ghz take the price and 4 out of 10, 1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th K computer SPARC64 VIIIfx is 2nd Xeon take 4 out of 10  one AMD from Cray USA has … Continue reading

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Intel E5-4600, E5-2400, E3-1200 v2

Intel announce new Xeon chip  E5-4600, E5-2400 and E3-1200V2 to join E5-2600 E5-4600 support  four-socket server 4, 6, 8 core/socket, <=32 core/system 4 memory channels , 48 DIMMS , <=1.5TB 40 channel PCIe3 256 bit AVX ,TXT 95-130W E5-2400 support … Continue reading

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NVidia Kepler GK110

Nvidia announce Tesla GPU build on Kepler Architecture   15 SMX units 6 64-bit memory controller TSMC 28nm 192 cuda-cor SP (K10) and 64 cuda-core DP (K20) 1 Tflops DP SMX Streaming Multiprocessor — 3X  performance per watt than the … Continue reading

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Some Observations on HPC in China

China support various research and development in CPU and OS On the OS side it is taking the open source Linux direction and try to add the Chinese requirements On the CPU side it also take open source and license … Continue reading

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