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T5-8 SPARC SuperCluster


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Oracle Virtual Network add Support for SPARC server

this link announce the oracle virtual network support for SPARC server T5, T4 and M5 and Solaris 11 for SPARC and x86. Oracle Virtual Networking can help customers achieve results like these: Improve application performance by 4 times Reduce infrastructure … Continue reading

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Sun ZFS Backup Appliance for Engineered System

Oracle Unveiles SUN ZFS Backup Appliance for Oracle Engineered System Follow through the vision to integrate more Sun products with the Engineered System   Oracle today announced the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance, an integrated, high performance backup solution for Oracle … Continue reading

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SUNWAY BlueLight MPP 神威蓝光

nytime article on 10/29/2011 China Has Homemade SuperComputer Gain Installed in 09/2011 at NSC in Jinan, Shandong,China Petaflop, number 2 in top100 2011 in china, peak 1.07016 PFlops, Sustained 795.9 Pflops, linpack efficent 74.4% 8700 ShenWei SW1600 CPU, designed in … Continue reading

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SPARC SuperCluster T4

Today 9/26/2011 announce the T4 SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 server 4x3Ghz 8Core and 1TB RAM FAQ, DS, arch-WP5U ZFS appliance 7320-C 6U exadata Storage Cell x2-2 2U IB switch DC-36 1U S11 11/11 or S10 8/11, S10 09/10 with 8/11 Patch … Continue reading

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Oracle introduces Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack

Oracle today announced the Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack, a cost-effective way to add extreme performance storage servers to an Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack is ideal for storing massive amounts of structured and unstructured … Continue reading

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EL X2-2 vs SMP servers

recent push by Oracle on exalogic elastic could will renew the comparison with rack of 2 socket server with IB and SMP server or rack of fater nodes e.g. 8 socket or 4 socket with IB. Just by reading the … Continue reading

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