AAPM 2010

AAPM 2010

Every summer, I participate in AAPM as companion ,sometime I even has my name on the poster.

This year We drove from NJ to Philadelphia in Saturday morning so she can work on some committee meeting

She sign me up for VARIAN user meeting to get free lunch and some free education.

As some of U know I am trained as physicist so I can understand of talks especially after many years attending AAPM.

I always enjoy visit the exhibition booths, collect goodies, pen and see what’s new in the field.

PHILPS TPS Pinnacle system is the only one still use Solaris today Pinnacle system start with Ultra2 SPARC, U10 and thin client with x4140s as file servers, Sunray server and x4450s as compute nodes. Will move to x4170 (M2) some Pictures.

sunray station


Sunray does have its place in image display.


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