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龙芯 Godson-3B and Godson-3c

at ISSCC 2011, Hu, Weiwu described Godson-3B: 8-core , 65nm CMOS LP/GP mixed process with 7layers of Cu metallization. It contains 582.6M transistors in 299.8mm2 area. The highest frequency is 1.05Ghz and peak performances is 128/256GFLOPS DP/SP with 40W power … Continue reading

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AMD Bulldozer

AMD at ISSCC talk about Bulldozer design the centerpiece of the “Bulldozer” module is its two tightly-linked processor cores (Figure 1).  These cores share several high-bandwidth resources (such as the Floating Point Unit) to provide chip-multithreading (CMT) which efficiently executes … Continue reading

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Intel’s Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt technology will transfer data between host devices and external devices at speeds of up to 10Gbps, Thunderbolt™ technology is a new high-speed PC connection technology that runs at 10Gbps. Thunderbolt technology supports both data and display on a single … Continue reading

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update python in rockscluster

download the python2.7 tar xfvz python2.7.tar.gz cd python2.7 run ./configure –prefix=/share/apps/python2.7 –with-threads –enable-shared make make install create in /etc/profile.d if [ -d /share/apps/python2.7/bin ]; then export PATH=/share/apps/python2.7/bin:$PATH fi create python27.conf in /etc/ /share/apps/python2.7/lib one copy these files to all … Continue reading

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Intel update xeon_5600

Intel update xeon_5600 and register The Westmere-EP chips have a set of native cryptographic instructions that implement the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm for encrypting and decrypting data. These server and workstation chips also have taken the Trusted Execution Technology … Continue reading

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Cloud FS vs ZFS

  Cloud FS ZFS Global Name Space yes NA NFS/CIFS export yes yes Grow FS yes yes Shrink FS yes NA OS support Solaris,Linux,Window,AIX Solaris, BSD Snapshot yes yes replication yes yes File Tagging yes NA Encryption yes yes DeDuplication … Continue reading

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Oracle CloudFS Appliance?

With the recent announcement of Oracle CloudFS, one would think that there will be Oracle CloudFS appliance soon! Providing shared pooled storage with unified namespace for applications, operational files, and user files; Accessing storage either directly over a storage network … Continue reading

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Oracle Introduces Oracle® Cloud File System

News Facts To help organizations deploy their applications, databases and storage in the cloud, Oracle today introduced the Oracle® Cloud File System. The Oracle Cloud File System offers organizations a solution that extends cloud characteristics to their storage by enabling … Continue reading

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Fujitsu and Oracle Strengthen Decades-Long Relationship

News Facts Oracle and Fujitsu will advance joint engineering efforts to help ensure Oracle and Fujitsu products are optimized and tested to best run Oracle software in mission critical environments. The companies previously announced (December 2, 2010), a new unified … Continue reading

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Core count of Nvidia M2050

Top500 2010 has many Top HPC site has CPU and GPGPU system, but the result only list the total core count. It seems that M2050 of  448 is consist of 14  SM (streaming processor) of 32  CUDA core is consider … Continue reading

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