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comments on gigabit netwrok basedon 48 port switch

gigabit network based with 48 port switch I had a blog commenting on the IB network that was based on 24 port chips and switches In gigabit world, 48 port is very common, so how can one construct non blocking … Continue reading

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IPMI observation

IPMI observation There are things to learn everyday, IPMI is becoming importent part of the SUN’s Opteron server management environment Interesting to find that IBM and AMD also sign up as v2 adapter There were discussion about what are “asserted … Continue reading

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solaris 10 need more opensource tools

Solaris 10 need more open source tools Question was ask, solaris has many new features and include tools like “D-trace”, “Zone”, “ZFS” etc, why user not adopt solaris 10 in ther environment? IMHO, the one area that Solaris 10 need … Continue reading

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sge6u4 and mpich integration for solaris 10 x64

sge6u4 and mpich integration for solaris 10 x86 There is renew intresting in HPTC-GRID user in using solaris10 x64 on opteron based system. Beside the HW and Solaris 10/x64 other tools that can help for setup a GRID env Sun … Continue reading

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lustre and N1GE6 experience

experience of Lustre and N1GE6 We will summarize our experience on recent experience of Lustre FS and N1GE6u4, on sles9sp1 The main feature of lustre FS is that it is a multi-reader and multi-writer FS, it use metatdata server and … Continue reading

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