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N1 SM 1.2 discover pre-work

N1 system Manager Discover pre-work for Sun Server We document some pre-work that need be done on Sun server before it can be discover by the N1SM 1.2 tools All SPARC server that use ALOM: need to connect to serial … Continue reading

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cachefs and diskless client

cachefs and disksless clients There is renew interests in diskless clients Solaris used to support autoclient that can support remote disk boot in case the server is not available In Solaris 10 we still has cachefs support for NFS mounted … Continue reading

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ROCKS 4.1 and RHEL4U2

ROCKS Cluster 4.1 and RHEL4U2 Recently we install the ROCKS Cluster SW 4.1 with RHEL4U2, we document some observations: during the frontend installation we need to put: frontend mem=1024M RHEL4U2 put pxelinux.0 in different rpm: in system-config-netboot instead of the … Continue reading

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