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NH-2 build by NUDT and inspur IN searching for some more info on two web site, not too much detail are published some interesting info on inspur software TSMM TSMM, the cluster monitor and management software, will manage cluster system … Continue reading

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China new Tianhe-2

This link provide some info on china new Tianhe-2 Supercomputer detail report  by Dongarra Chinese content  was reported by by insideHPC Compute Node           Frontend processors (not  part of the system)           … Continue reading

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Oracle Introduces the Oracle Database Appliance X3-2

Oracle introduces DBA version 2 key features two 8-core E5-2690 processor 10ge interconnect COD licensing (4,8,12, 16 core) oracle VM capable(2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 core license) 512 GB of memory(2.5X) 18TB SAS storage(4X) (with optional storage expansion) 800GB flash(3X)(4x200GB SSD in expansion storage) … Continue reading

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Oracle Virtual Network add Support for SPARC server

this link announce the oracle virtual network support for SPARC server T5, T4 and M5 and Solaris 11 for SPARC and x86. Oracle Virtual Networking can help customers achieve results like these: Improve application performance by 4 times Reduce infrastructure … Continue reading

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Oracle Cloud Strategy

Oracle Cloud Strategy   introduced Oracle Cloud Social Services, a broad Enterprise Social Platform offering. Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle. Offering a wide range of business applications and and … Continue reading

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龙芯系列 宝德自强PR2920L服务器横空出世

this link provide some info on Powerleader PR2920L Loongson 3A based servers

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Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B News

this link discuss the Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B and Fedora13 Loongson edition   Loongson series product configuration: Loongson 3A (quad-core CPU): 65nm process,  four 1GHz, GS464 processor core clocked at 1GHz, consumes less than 15W, 4MB shared L2 cache … Continue reading

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