Oracle introduces Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack

  • Oracle today announced the Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack, a cost-effective way to add extreme performance storage servers to an Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
  • The Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack is ideal for storing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data including historical relational data; backups of Oracle Exadata Database Machine; weblogs; documents, images, LOBs and XML files.
  • Standard Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack configurations come with 96 Terabytes to more than 3 Petabytes of Raw Disk Storage using only the included InfiniBand switches.
  • More than 10 Petabytes of user data can be stored using the Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression which is included.
  • Also included, the Flash PCI Card Capacity ranges from 1.5 TB to 47 TB.
  • The Intel Xeon CPU processing power in the Oracle Exadata Storage Servers range from 48 CPU Cores to more than 1500 CPU Cores.



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