osc3.3u1 (5/11) release

what’s new on Jul 13,2011






The following restrictions are in effect as of the time of publication.

Oracle ACFS as a Cluster File System

The following are restrictions on the use of Oracle ACFS as a cluster file system in an Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration:

  • You can use an Oracle ACFS file system only with Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for Apache, Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for NFS, Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for Oracle, and the database home for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC). Use of an Oracle ACFS file system with other failover or scalable applications is restricted, pending resolution of Oracle ACFS issue 11814449. For more information, see Need Support for Clusterized fcntl by Oracle ACFS (11814449)

  • You cannot run Oracle RAC in a zone cluster when the database home is on an Oracle ACFS file system.

  • You cannot use an Oracle ACFS file system for an application that is running from a non-global zone .

  • You cannot configure an Oracle ACFS file system by using the clsetup utility or the configuration wizards. You must configure an Oracle ACFS file system manually by using Oracle Solaris Cluster maintenance commands.

  • Veritas Volume Manager Cluster Feature No Longer Supported

Beginning in the Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 5/11 version, the cluster feature of Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) is no longer supported. Ignore documentation in this release that involves the VxVM cluster feature.



  • Oracle RAC 11gR2, doesnot need any 3rd party cluster to work, it provide clusterware, asm and  ACFS (ASM cluster FS)
    • Oracle RAc
      • Oracle Real Application Clusters enables a single database to run across multiple clustered nodes in a grid, pooling the processing resources of several standard machines.
    • Oracle Clusterware is a portable cluster software that allows clustering of single servers so that they cooperate as a single system. Oracle Clusterware also provides the required infrastructure for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC). Oracle Clusterware also enables the protection of any Oracle application or any other kind of application within a cluster
    • ASM Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) provides a virtualization layer between the database and storage. It treats multiple disks as a single disk group, and lets you dynamically add or remove disks while keeping databases online..
    • So to run Oracle RAC 11gR2 one does not really need OSC
    • Oracle doesnot let 3rd party cluster SW control RAC so To use OSC with  RAC 11gR2 one need some proxy service to interact with RAC and ASM and ACFS etc
    • Now ACFS is supported there is no need of QFS at all, IMHO.
    • May be in  Zone Cluster , this is s10 Brand zone  with cluster brand that one can use OSC???

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