ZFS, vxfs zone and osc tips

recently I was involved in a project that involve zone node, zfs and vxfs and oracle solaris cluster the following are some key observations

  • 1st setup ssh keyless between two cluster servers
  • install  osc3.3 on both server
  • on node one  run scinstall to setup cluster
  • for veritas SF,  even if you want to use SF5.0mp3rp5, one need to install the SF5.1 and select the keyless license, un-install SF5.1 but you will keep the licesne
  • for 5.0 SF one need to install 5.0MP3 and 5.0MP3RP5
  • after reboot the both server, run installsf –configure to setup the vxvm and svc for vea server
  • before you create any diskgroup one need to run clvxvm initialize, this is setup vxio minor number for all cluster nodes
  • veritas vea is your friend for main vxvm, vxfs setup
  • one can run vxdisk to see the disk, if some show error means one need to run format to label the disks
  • one can use vxdiskadmin or vea to create diskgroup
  • after all the diskgroup are created one need to use clsetup to include the vxvm <dg> to cluster either as localonly or shared dg
  • one can use vea to create vols
    • one need to run cldg sync <dg> so cluster will know the volume setup
    • one can  then create vxfs
  • for localonly one need to add /etc/vfstab as startup at boot, fsck 5, log
  • for share vxfs(failover) one need to add to /etc/vfstab not start at boot, fsck 5 and log
  • create all mount points and both nodes
  • one can create zone (for zone node) at both node with same zone name  or use clzc to create zone cluster (it will create zone at both noe with same zone name)
  • after install zone and boot up, one need to create mount points for each zone of  failover vxfs mount  points, these mount points should be the same as global zone mount points, it make life simpler to setup HASstoragePlus resources
  • for vxfs one use –p Filesystemmounpoints=” /mnt1, /mnt2”
  • for Zfs one use –p Zpools=zpoolname, zpool is zone aware and one doesnot need to create any mount points, but use zfs set mountpoint=/mnt1 zpoolname, it will automatically mounted in local zone
  • for LogicalHost resource one doesnot need to set any IP inside the zone, cluster will takecare of it, if one need to setup temporary ip for zone one can use , ifconfig <interface> addif LH up zone <zonename>
  • for zpool, one use zpool import –R /<zonepath>/root  zpoolname
  • for vxvm one use
    • vxdg –C import <dg> t
    • vxvol –g <dg> startall
    • mount /mnt1 (assume that /mnt1 is already in /etc/vfstab
    • zlogin  <zonename> mkdir /mnt1
    • mount –F lofs  /mnt1 /zonepath/root/mnt1

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