Changing Public DNS server for ROCKS 5.1

Every new version of Rockscluster has newer build in rocks cmd to make change of the information that store in the MySQL db.

For older version one may need to direct interaction with the MySQL db: cluster and its tables

(You need to know what are you doing to direct edit the MySQL db)

(Always do the backup before you change things, just in case

mysqldump –u root –p cluster <tablename> >cluster-<table.sql

early day rocks come with phpMyAdmin that one can interact with MySQL db, but mordern version doesnot include this tool any more.

In addition phpMyAdmin  require newer version of php  then that come with the system, so it is a pain to install the tool.

the webmin tool is webGUI that one can se to interact with the rockscluster’s MySQL dba and tables, please see this link on mysql and webmin

Just download the rpm and install (rpm –iv) the tool

point the mozilla to http://localhost:1000/ and login  with root and root passwd

Click servers then click MySQL (need root/passwd)  pick “cluster” db now you can see all tables and content of the tables.

something you will see the message: webmin cannot edit this table because lack of PRIMARY key.

one need to add a PRIMARY key to the table

for R5.1

mysql –u root –p cluster

ask for root passwd

mysql> show tables;

Tables in cluster

  • Aliases
  • app_globals
  • appliances
  • bootflags
  • distributions
  • memberships
  • networks
  • nodes
  • nodes_pcis
  • partitions
  • pcis
  • pxeaction
  • pxeboot
  • rolls
  • routes
  • sites
  • subnets

mysql> discribe app_globals;

it does has PRI key so Webmin can edit the content

in webmin display the data one will see the PublicDNSServers show up as

kickstart PublicDNSservers <IP>

Select the row and Click Edit selected rows

Change the Value <newIP>

click Save

One May also need to edit the /etc/resolv.conf to also change the DNS server



For some tables that doesnot has PRI key webmin will display message

Data in this table cannot be edited because it has no primary key

mysql>describe routes;

no PRI key

mysql> alter tables routes

add primary key (Network);

mysql>describe routes;

show PRI key

now go back to webmin to edit the routes tables


Just note that in r5.1 one can use

rocks set var Kickstart PublicDNSServers <newIP>

to change the Public DNSServers


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