JDS and solaris 10 and vmware

Evey since I got a new latop with JDS installed I always want to re-partition the JDS disk and install s10 on the 2nd partition. I try and install the s10 but it does not recognized the NIC, so I have a s10 without network. For some unknow reason, I could not really dual boot, and I donot really have time to track down the problem, so I give up. Recently, I download the vmware 4.5 and sucessifully install s10 as a guest OS., with NIC.

I also download the N1SPS demo for bookstore with a guest OS redahat8.
I install readhat AS2.1 as guest OS and install SCS2.0 so I can show the SCS GUI demo.

I finally get the real production version of vmware.

I can give a presentation using JDS for

  • looking glass 3D desktop
  • solaris 10
  • N1G SPS
  • SCS2.x
  • N1GE6
  • ….

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