SCS2.2 and vmware allstart demo

By using the vmware on my JDS latop I was able to set SCS2.2 29 build and demostrate a allstart of RHel3 install.

Let me summarized what I did:

  • create a guest OS using Redhat AS2.1u2 ,using host-only network, add the packages
    • anaconda-runtime
    • perl-DBI
    • perl-DBD-pg
    • tftp-server
    • nfs-utiles

    I also install the dhcp-3.0

  • download the scs2.2 29 build, run install/install
  • copy the iso files for RHEL3-U3 to /scs/data/allstart/iso
  • under allstart setup distribution, create profile
  • create a redhat EL3 guest OS, use host-only network, since I donot know how to get the mac address of this guest OS, so I install a very minual OS to get the MAC address
  • after I have the MAC address, I setup the client under allstart
  • reboot the rhel3 system, at startup I press F12 for netboot, the system will go through the allstart process to rebuild the guest OS
  • on the management menu I add the newly installed host as managed host

I now have a whole demo of SC2.2!!!


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