internet2 and SUN agreement to use EduSoft SW

Internet2 and SUN

recently signed an 20 years agreement for Internet2 school to use EduSoft.

main announcements link:

Summary of the agreement:

  • cost is $50k ($35k for smaller school)for first year, $15K can be used for CS service. and school can used the EduSoft SW during this agreement period for Administrative Use on campus or within teaching hospital environments, and for services to members’ extended communities. (non-profit purpose within a non-profit environment, including but not limited to production, development and testing purposes)
  • 2nd year on, the $15k can be used toward HW support
  • by paying the yearly subscription, school get the update EduSoft SW version.
  • school can pay for additional SW support
  • with creation of “Network of expertise”, it will provide the 1st level of support fot other i2 school

the latest EduSoft product list

IMHO, the hidden benefits for school are the followings:

  • Java_ES
  • Java_DS
  • Solaris for x86
  • Sun compilers
  • Sun Management Center SW
  • Sun Ray server
  • Sun Control station
  • Sun Cluster SW

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