n1ge6 installation in Fedore core 2

I need to do a worksop at customer site that is using FC2, I need to install N1GE6 in FC2.

The following is my experience.

I install FC2 in desktop env

Since FC2 is using kernel 2.6, inst_sge -m fails and also complains about “strings” not found

I install binutils- to get strings

I create a link under bin, utilbin, lib of lx26-x86 to lx24-x86.

Now the installation is fine and acturally it is running lx24-x86?.

For qmon to work I need to install opebmotif21-2.1.30-9.i386.rpm

I also install ypserv-2.12.1-2.i386.rpm in the master host that will be NIS master

for the ARCo installation, I basically following my sparc installation blogs but with some difference

  • I use the j2sdk1_4._1_03-linux-i586.rpm that come with the arco/swc packsges, it become j2sdk1.4.1_03-fcs and is installed under /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.1_03
  • postresql is part of the FC2 and it is installed under /usr/bin with the home under /var/lib/psql and postges user created
  • one may want to create group other for SWC
  • one may want to create user: e.g. test1 for ARCo

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