PowerPC 970 vs Opteron

IBM’s JS20 blade server is a high density PowerPC 970 2P server

  • 14 in a chassis
  • share FD and CDROM
  • share other modules, SAN, IB, Gigabit
  • 2 DIMM slots and need to use 2 slots, need 2GB DIMM for 4GB
  • two IDE drive 40GB, does not seems to have RAID support
  • two gigabit NIC
  • three years on-site limited warranty for part and labor
  • support SUSE 8,9 and RHELv3
  • CSM 1.3.2 for linux
  • ESSL 4.1, P ESSL 3.1 for linux
  • VisulAge C++ for linux
  • XL Fortran v8.1 for linux
  • Myrinet-2000 for linux
  • support GPFS linux
  • support loadlever for linux

PPC 970 chip has the followings:

  • improved power4 chip
  • 0.13um process, 121 mmxmm die size, 52 m transistors. 1.3v core voltage, 1.8Ghz@42W, now has 2.2GHz
  • I$=64KB direct-mapped,D$=32KB, 2-way assoc, 512MB L2
  • 1.1GHz FSB
  • 4 flops per clock peak

Since ppc/linux is not binary comparable with x86/linux, so one need to recompile every applications to run on ppc/linux

  • no gridengine6 support
  • no pathscale support
  • no ROCKS support

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