top three china HPC systm in china hpc top100 and topc500 2011

the Top three sites  from china hpc top100 2011 and top500 2011


  • top500 (2nd)
    • NUDT YH MPP, 7168 x2 xeon x5670 6C 2.93Ghz, 7168 NIVIDIA M2050
    • Total core= 7168x(2×6+14)=186368 (agree with top500 list)
    • Rpeak=7168x(2x6x2.93×4+14x32x1.15)=4701061 (top500=4701000)
  • top100(1st)
    • NUDT YH MPP, 7168 x2 xeon x5670 6C 2.93Ghz, 7168 NIVIDIA M2050 and 2048 FT-1000, 8C and 1GZ (it was list as Hex Core, a misprint)
    • Total core= 7168x(2×6+14)+ 2048×8=202750 (agree with top100)
    • Rpeak=470100, mean that it does not include FT-1000 in Rpeak and linpack
    • It seems that to highlight china own FT-1000 chip it need to be included in top100
    • we all know that it is not easy to run linpack in a mix-CPU environment so it make sense not to include FT-1000 in linpack


  • top500 (4th)
    • Dawning TC6300 Blade, 4640 x2 xeon x5650 6C 2.66Ghz, 4640 NIVIDIA C2050
    • Total core= 4640x(2×6+14)=120640 (agree with top500 list)
    • Rpeak=4640x(2x6x2.66×4+14x32x1.15)=2982964 (top500=2984300)
  • top100(4th)
    • Dawning TC6300 Blade,2560 x2 xeon x5650 6C 2.66Ghz, 2560 NIVIDIA C2050,but for calculation to match the reported total core cout the total blade is only 2016
    • Total core= 2016x(2×6+14)=52416(agree with top100 list)
    • Rpeak=2016x(2x6x2.66×4+14x32x1.15)=1296046 (top100=1296320)
  • so between top100 and top500 report Nebulae system almost double in size
    • if one look at the Top500 site Nebulae system did not change  between 06/2010 and 11/2011
    • One just wondering why  Nebulae NEED to report few system for China HPC100

SUNWAY Blue light:神威蓝光

  • top500 (14th)
    • SUNWAY bluelight MPP shenwei SW1600 16 core 975Mhz
    • Total core= 8575x(16)=137200 (agree with top500 list)
    • Rpeak=8575x(16x.975×8)=1070160 (agree with top500 list)
  • top100(2nd)
    • SUNWAY bluelight MPP shenwei SW1600 16 core 975Mhz
    • Total core= 8575x(16)=137200 (agree with top100 list)
    • Rpeak=8575x(16x.975×8)=1070160 (agree with top100 list)
  • SW1600 is 16 core CPU that use 5×5 crossbar to connect 4 (4core) group and IO system that support PCI-E and ge NIC on chip and mgmt channel
  • each 4 core group support DDR3/1333 memory channel/bank
  • PCI-E support 8×5 gbps
  • each system bd has two CPU, it is not know how these two CPU connected
  • 1U system has 4 system bd, I ASSUME that each system bd has its own QDR connection
  • SUNWAY use  324 port and 256 port IB switch
    • 324 is 3 layer COS network of 3×9 of 36 port chip
    • 256 is two layer fat tree, I could not understand the network diagram
  • Due to the high density of CPU in 1U, system use water cooling
  • overall  very impressive system with only 9 rack

May be by next year all these systems will use China’s own chip

  • godson
  • shenwei

To replace these Xeon chip and NIVIDIA with GODSON or SHENWEI will cost  money , but  Today China does not have shortage of MONEY

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