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Inside T4

  • SPARC T4 is an eight-core processor @3Ghz+
  • 40nm by TSMC
  • uses a brand-new core called the S3, which runs at much higher clock rate frequency than the previous SPARC T-Series processors
  • The SPARC T4 is up to 5 times faster than the SPARC T3 for single-threaded functions
  • ship the next-generation SPARC T4 system in the first half of FY2012 , late 2011
  • “what we are calling ‘critical thread API,’ or the ability of the operating system to recognize critical threads in our Oracle applications and assign them all by themselves to a single core
  • increase the thread performance and throughput
  • critical thread API: allows a high priority apps to grab one thread on a core and hog all the resource on the core to boost performance of that single thread; the other 7 threads on the core get told to sit tight
  • now designing the new 16-core SPARC T5 processor.
  • Beta Tesing T4
  • S3 core
  • image
    • 16KB L1 I$ , 16KB L1D$ , 128KB L2$
    • dual issues, 16-stage integer pipeline
    • A pause Inst
    • a fused compare-branch Inst
    • support OO execution
    • 5x SPECTint2006 of S2/T3 core
    • 11-cycle floating point pipeline 7X SPECfp2006 of S2/T3
    • 8 threads on S3 core can be dynamically added or substracted, depending in the pre-thread performance level demanded by apps
    • crypto unit: support AES, DES, kasumi, Camellia, CRC32c encryption in-pipe with a 3 cycle internal latency
    • MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, MPMUL, MONTMUL, MONTSQR out-of-pipe with longer latency
    • 1.5x to 3.5x vs crypto unit in S2/T3

T4 chip


    • 4MB L3, shard by 8 cores
    • 8 banks with 16-way association across the cache
    • two dual channel DDR3 memory controllers support 1.07Ghz memory
    • two PCI-E2  x8 controllers
    • two 10 ge interfaces on chip



per this link the core multipler for T4 is .5



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