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Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B News

this link discuss the Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B and Fedora13 Loongson edition   Loongson series product configuration: Loongson 3A (quad-core CPU): 65nm process,  four 1GHz, GS464 processor core clocked at 1GHz, consumes less than 15W, 4MB shared L2 cache … Continue reading

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Some Observations on HPC in China

China support various research and development in CPU and OS On the OS side it is taking the open source Linux direction and try to add the Chinese requirements On the CPU side it also take open source and license … Continue reading

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China’s Super Computer WJS

The   WJS article  By Bob Davis with title “China’s Not-So-Supr Computers” Key Points: Nebulae  星雲 National Supercomputing Center (Shenzhen) in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Use of SC is determine by local politicians not the breakthrough technology SW development project is … Continue reading

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top three china HPC systm in china hpc top100 and topc500 2011

the Top three sites  from china hpc top100 2011 and top500 2011 Tianhe-1A:天河一号 top500 (2nd) NUDT YH MPP, 7168 x2 xeon x5670 6C 2.93Ghz, 7168 NIVIDIA M2050 Total core= 7168x(2×6+14)=186368 (agree with top500 list) Rpeak=7168x(2x6x2.93×4+14x32x1.15)=4701061 (top500=4701000) top100(1st) NUDT YH MPP, … Continue reading

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china hpc in top500 2011

some observations on the recent top500 2011 list from china 74 entry in top500 most are xeon cpu, some amd and shenwei sw1600 FT-1000 is list in china top100 but not in top500 there is no GODSON, loongson cpu IMHO, … Continue reading

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China Own CPU Chips

as of Today there are at least three china CPU chips Loongson 龙芯 (Godson) MIPS-compatible with HW based x86 emulation ··························· developer Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) ··························· BLX IC Design Corporation ··························· STMicroelectronics fabricates … Continue reading

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HPC china 2011 on demand presentation 2011年全国高性能计算学术年会

this links contain most presentations @HPC china 2011 2011年全国高性能计算学术年会(HPC China 2011)

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