NH-2 build by NUDT and inspur

IN searching for some more info on two web site, not too much detail are published

some interesting info on inspur software


    • TSMM, the cluster monitor and management software, will manage cluster system and asset, monitor cluster status and   alarm when cluster error.

      •   Modularized design and flexible system architecture
      • Scalability to 1000+ nodes, less impaction to system performance
      • Dynamic resource monitor: CPU\GPU\Memory\Network\File system
      • 12 months historical monitor data query
      • Running status comparison between nodes
      • 3 ways to alarm when error: Web/Email/SMS
      • Cluster mobile monitoring with Android Phone/Pad supported



  • TSJM, the cluster job management and scheduling software, will receive serial, parallel or interactive job submitting and allocate computing resources, collect and feedback the job result.
    • Multiple clusters job management and scheduling
    • Web based job submitting interface
    • Job templates customized, help job submit easily
    • Multiple scheduling policies(Fareshare, Backfill, Reservation, Priority, FIFO), automatic load balance
    • Real-time monitoring of resources and jobs
    • Zombie processes automatic cleaning-up
    • Memory usage check, avoids out of memory
    • Checkpoint function(partly supported)
    • Management server high availability supported
    • 3 ways to notice or alarm: Web/Email/SMS
    • Billing Reports in xls or pdf file



  • TSDM, the cluster OS and software parallel deployment software, will help deploy large scale cluster quickly.
    • Windows and Linux OS supported
    • OS Image installation supported
    • Multiple OS deployment simultaneously
    • Application software deployment supported
    • Hardware drivers deployment supported
    • System backup and recovery function
    • Nodes installation style can be customized
    • 100+ nodes deployment in less than 2 hours

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